Aug 10 2016

Anna Maria Creek Progress

The Helford River Association have been informed by the Principal Development Officer (Enforcement) of Cornwall Council, that they have completed their investigations with the boat owner at Anna Maria Creek, whom it appears has once again been using his vessel for residential purposes whilst moored there.

The Enforcement Officer said that it should be noted that the level of residential use does not appear to be full time, with the occupier often working away or residing locally with friends and relatives.

It appears that a breach of planning control and or a breach of the requirements of an existing enforcement notice, may have occurred and the Council has requested that residential use cease as soon as is practicably possible.

In that regard, the Council has afforded the boat owner a period of eight weeks to fulfil this request. The boat owner has assured them that within this period the necessary steps will be taken and that in all probability, whilst not a requirement, the boat will be removed from the creek altogether.

The Council say they will be inspecting the land on the 11th October 2016 to ensure that the residential use of the vessel has ceased as agreed.